03. FEBRUARY 2023


Do you feel manifesting does not work for you?
Do you struggle with relationships?
Do you often feel rejected?
Do you experience lack of money flow?
Do you feel depressed and anxious?

We´ve got you.

What if we told you, that Self-Love is the key to all your problems. Self-Love is the foundation of living a harmonious and successful life. Decide today that you will love and accept yourself fully. If that is not possible today, set the intention now to slowly move towards self-love.

You are enough! You are valuable! You deserve all that you desire. You have to recognize the miracle of who you are. Loving yourself means to cultivate compassion for yourself and to accept yourself unconditionally. Self-Love is taking care and meeting your own needs and allowing yourself to glow. Its viewing yourself as valuable, loveable, and deserving a happy and successful live.

Think of self-love as a guide towards a fulfilled and successful live. Self-Love allows you to create the conditions that allow you to be naturally motivated, inspired and energized. When you are at peace with yourself you feel happy, you naturally unleash your best qualities and your greatest potential. You cannot thrive, if you ignore your needs and cannot accept yourself. You cannot love others, if you neglect yourself. You cannot recognize how important your gifts are, if you don´t value yourself first. Self-Love is not selfish, but essential to live a happier and fulfilled life.

Here is how you benefit from practicing self-love:

Self-esteem is all about your overall sense of self-worth. It’s about how much you like everything about yourself.

Studies suggest that a healthy sense of self-esteem may act as a buffer to anxiety.

Manage stress is important these days more than ever. With a higher self-esteem we tend to release less stress hormones into our bloodstream.

If you love yourself, it´s easier to come back after failures or hard times.

Self-love gives you a feeling of control especially in times of uncertainty

Do you know yourself? Take time to understand who you are and what your purpose in life is.

The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for the relationships you have with other people.

If we love ourselves, we tend to be more confident in our decision making.

With more self-love we found it easier to express our feelings and needs and set boundaries.

More self-love and self-esteem will help you to build a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.

Here is how you cultivate self-love:

Practicing self-love is often easier said than done. This is why we created the radical self-love program. A 2 day self-love progra which can easily be integrated in your day to day life. 5 rituals each day to guide you towards more self-love.