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We are a creative lifestyle brand to encourage people to live a wholesome and mindful life.

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Yes. We nearly ship in all countries of the world. All of our products are available in english and most of them in german.

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Mindfulness means: being aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment without judging. We pay attention to our thoughts and feelings as an observer.

Research over the last decade has found various positive effects of mindfulness like improved concentration, stress reduction, effective communication and overall health improvement. You become more active, clear, imaginative and less resistant to change. Mindfulness gives you time to pause before an action and therefore leads to more mindful decisions.

Mindfulness is the focus on the present moment without judgement. We can learn to be mindful through regular practice, in general at any time. Just stop thinking about the future or the past and acknowledge the present moment. Sounds easy?
Regular practice is essential to become more mindful. The “formal” practice of mindfulness is through meditation.

Mindful J0urnaling is a way to create and increase awareness and deepen your mindfulness practice. It is like meditation in written form.

Journaling will help you to be more present in the moment. Putting pen to paper allows you to get your thoughts down and be present in the current moment without distractions. The thoughts may come and go but giving your full attention to your writing will train your mindfulness.


Journaling is a mindful practice and a constant dialogue with yourself. It teaches you to pay attention in your own life, be present in the current moment, self-awareness, acceptance and much more.

A gratitude journal focuses on what you are grateful for. It is a practical help to make gratitude a habit in your life.

Journaling is a brilliant tool to reflect your life without anyone judging your thoughts but yourself. There are many benefits:
Improves self-awareness
Increases creativity
Relieves stress
Improves communication skills
Increases mindfulness
Strengthens your self-discipline
Releases stress
Healing power
Increases self-confidence
…and much more

You will realise most of the benefits over time while keeping a gratitude journal.

Gratitude means appreciating the good things in life, ie positive emotions, moments, people, achievements, etc.

Focusing on the good things in life will have a lot of positive impacts on yourself (Gratitude). The positive Mantras given in this book are an inspiration for your own Mantras and an extra boost to the benefits of being grateful. They will ignite your “I AM” Power. With Mantras you will give your subconscious mind a new direction and you can change old beliefs.

Increased self-motivation
You become a more optimistic person
Good things will start to happen to you
Dictate you life
Focus on the good
You will think more positive about youself, projects, your work. etc.
Things will be easier in life
And much more…

Repeat your Mantras daily to get he most out of it.

The Magnolia Journal

256 pages full of inspiration and love
Short introduction
6 months of journaling practice
168 beautiful Mantras
“I AM” Mantras to ignite your I AM POWER
5 daily powerful prompts
monthly self-care pages
Short Meditations
Beautiful feminine design

The Magnolia Journal has 215 journaling pages and lasts for 24 weeks (or around six months) if used on a daily basis.

Not yet. But we are planning a pure version pretty soon.

In German. We are reviewing the english version currently.


A Mantra can be a word, a phrase or a thought and is an instrument for your mind with psychological power.
It can calm and strengthen your mind…
It can inspire your mind…
and it can lead to a more positive mindset.

In general Mantras use sound and rhythm as transport vehicle. So you can sing your daily or weekly Mantras if you wish. We use Mantras more in the sense of positive affirmations, ie a meaningful phrase. Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains. Much like exercise, they raise the level of feel-good hormones and push our brains to form new clusters of “positive thought” neurons.
You can use the weekly Mantra and create your own unique combination based on your personal wishes and needs. When you speak out your Mantras, say it with conviction, say it in your own unique voice, and make it happen in the real world.

While your mind can not think two thoughts at the same time, repeating your Mantra will calm your mind while you focus on something great…a positive Mantra. While repeating “I am enough” you can not think different.
The default mode network (DMN) of the brain is responsible for thoughts while you are not focussed on anything. We do think more than 60000 thought daily, most of them we are not aware of (subconscious mind). And around 50% of our time we daydream (or speculate). So while you are repeating your Mantras you will turn down your DMN which then has a calming effect on your mind.

Use I AMs as positive self-affirmations to improve your mindset. Research has shown that affirmations are a positive way to improve your mindset on a daily basis. They encourage you to think positively about yourself.