Pretty & Mindful is so much more than just a beautiful selection of pretty and mindful products. Everything we do is inspired by mindfulness and aims to create a harmonious balance between mind, body and soul.

Our mission at pretty & mindful is to create a space and provide offerings that enrich your spiritual, mental and emotional growth and personal development. Our range of mindful products are designed to facilitate a healthy lifestyle and positive change in your life.

With our products, you create a meaningful, well-designed, happy and fulfilled life. Our tools encourage healthy habits and mindfulness. All of our products are high quality and made with love and intention to help you to live your life in perfect balance and harmony.

“Our goal is to help millions of women discover and express
their uniqueness, power and beauty.”


Pretty & Mindful products are beautiful, easy to use, feminine and elegant. Every product we create is intended to make you feel happy and motivated to chase after your dreamlife.

We focus on high quality (Made in Germany) and only use luxury materials such as french linen and vegan leather.


We encourage women to align with their purpose and take action to manifest their wildest dreams.